SCHOONER OPAL - Conversion to a topsail schooner

Opal before the conversion to a topsail schooner - image 1Marine Marine Design proposed conversion of the sailplan for Opal to a topsail schoonerSchooner Opal onsite fabrication of the rigging hardware changesMarine Marine Design was consulted by North Sailing to convert the rig of Schooner Opal to a topsail schoonerOpal with the modified rigging as a topsail schooner

Photos: North Sailing | drawings and visualization by Manta Marine Design


Workscope :

Rigging Design - reconfiguration design to a topsail schooner including construction drawings for the new yards and hardware items.

By order of : North Sailing - Husavik, Iceland
Partners :

Yards made by SRF, Sails by UB Sails, additional steel hardware on location in Husavik. Rigging installation and outfitting by Topsail rigging Ltd.

  Vessel Information
Length : 24 meter (78')
Beam : 6.85 meter
Material hull : Composite; Steel structure and frames, Wooden planking and finish


Schooner Opal - North Sailing Husavik whalewatching and ocean expeditions

Schooner Opal is part of the significant North Sailing fleet. Built at the Bodenwerft in Damgarten, Germany in 1951, she served as a trawler in the Baltic- and North Sea and in the Barents Sea. In 1973 new owners started her restoration. During 8 years until 1981, Opal was converted to the elegant but seaworthy, two masted schooner she is today. She has sailed all over the world, completing several trans-Atlantic crossings, being carefully maintained through the years. Opal has remained with the same owners, until becoming part of North SailingĀ“s fleet in early 2013. She has undergone restoration and had interior work done to better fit her for the new purpose as an expedition ship. The Opal has six double/twin cabins plus crew facilities. She has three bathrooms, two showers. She comfortably fits 12 passengers, plus her crew.