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'Manta Marine Design' is a trading name of 'Van Schaik Marine Design Ltd'. Pepijn van Schaik (B.Eng Naval Architecture & AMRINA) is the founder of Manta Marine Design. A design and engineering studio offering its services to the yachtbuilding and shipbuilding industry. We offer a wide variety of designs and services based on 20+ years of experience in practically all disciplines of naval architecture and marine design. Pepijn holds a Bachelor Degree in Naval Architecture and is currently an associate member of RINA. Pepijn has a close connection with boats and the ocean since childhood and has been sailing on all kinds of different boats since, from as little as Optimists to large Tallships.


A bit of history

Pepijn grew up in the Netherlands and got his connection with boats from an early age. His parents owned a Tjalk, which is a Dutch traditional sailing barge, and spend many weekends and holidays exploring the waters in and around the Netherlands for many years. This was very much an inspiration to study for a degree in Naval Architecture. In the late 90's, part of that study was a shopfloor apprenticeship at Mekon Shipyard (Currently named De Sluis Jachtbouw), building steel and aluminium yacht hulls. He decided to stay and work at the shipyard for several years after the apprenticeship as he was really enjoying the practical work. The experience gained on the shopfloor proved to be extremely valuable up to this day.

Pepijn started working at Vripack Naval Architects in 2001 as a Structural Engineer and later as a Naval Architect and was part of the Vripack team for several years.

In 2004-2005 Pepijn made an extended overseas experience trip to New Zealand and Australia, traveling and working. Part of the trip was spent working at Sensation Yachts in Auckland.

After coming back to the Netherlands soon he started his first business 'Triple Marine' with a former colleague in 2006. After some busy years Pepijn got involved in the tallship world and made some sailing trips on the Tallship Bark Europa. Alongside the regular marine design work, Pepijn started studying at the Enhuizen Nautical College getting his 'Certificate of Knowledge' (KZV) and did several trips on the Bark Europa as part of the permanent crew, sailing around the Atlantic Ocean, including 2 expeditions to Antarctica. Pepijn then met the love of his life at a shipyard in Cape Town during a maintenance period of the Bark Europa. In the years to follow, having his own business as a Naval Architect, being a Sailor and starting a family at the same time, proved quite challenging. Pepijn founded his current business 'Manta Marine Design' in 2009 and is working fulltime since in Marine Design and Naval Architecture.

In 2016 an opportunity rose to do some interesting projects in collaboration with David de Villiers, a Marine Designer in New Zealand. Pepijn emigrated with his family to New Zealand and is currently settled in the Bay of Islands.

This colorful history is very much reflected in the work and services that Manta Marine Design offers. 'Out of the box' thinking and the willingness to explore beyond the horizon has created a very diverse portfolio. The wonders of the internet makes it possible to not be bound by geographical locations and as such Manta Marine Design is able to offer its services worldwide.

Feel free to explore the projects shown on this website and please don't hesitate to contact us and have a chat if you think Manta Marine Design can be a good match for your project! Thank you.