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By order of : Blue Schooner Company - Sail Cargo
  Vessel Information
Length : 27.20 meter
Beam : 6.60 meter
Material hull : Steel
Cargo Capacity : 35 tons

Blue Schooner Company - Schooner Gallant

With great sadness we have heard about the tragic accident and the sinking of De Gallant on the 21st of May 2024. Our thoughts are with the crew, family and loved ones of the still missing 2 crew members. Manta Marine Design understands that people have questions, but we don't know much about the circumstances that may have caused the accident. At this point we will just have to be patient and let investigations run its course. For the latest information, please visit:

Thank you for your understanding.


Blue Schooner Company has been fitting out the schooner Gallant since November 2017. The vessel was built in Vlaardingen (Netherlands) at the Figee brothers' yard and launched in 1916 under the name 'Jannetje Margaretha'. The vessel, originally a herring fishing sailboat (haring logger), then lived through several careers. Sold to a Danish shipowner in 1926, a propulsion engine was then installed and the boat began a career as a coaster under the name of 'Gertrud'. It was in 1987 that the "Zeilschip De Gallant" foundation bought the ship and, as part of a training project for young people in Amsterdam, completely restored it. From 1993, Gallant sailed in the North Sea, the Baltic, and the English Channel, boarding passengers and also serving as a sailing school. Gallant now offers a sailing transport service, while offering people wishing to participate in an authentic human adventure to embark on board.