Abalone 40 - Composite Motor Yacht

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Length OA 12.00 m (39’ 5”)
Beam 3.90 m (12' 10")
Draught 0.85 m (2' 10")
Displacement 9500 kg (20943 lbs)
Fuel Capacity 650 Ltr (172 USGallon)
Water Capacity 1800 Ltr (475 USGallon)
Holding Capacity 200 Ltr (53 USGallon)
Engine Power Diesel-Electric Twin 15hp
Sprint Speed 7.1 knots
Hull Material Composite (foamcore-glassfiber)
CE-Category B (Offshore)
Highlighted Aspects Composite Construction
  Hybrid Diesel Electric Propulsion

ABALONE 40 - Hybrid Cruiser

This beautiful 'pocket superyacht', build by Grainz in the Netherlands, is custom designed as a comfortable and efficient cruiser. The interior of this vessel has been designed for a comfortable long stay onboard for two people. A fully charged battery pack will make it possible to cruise in peace and silence through nature areas for many hours. For longer passages the silent diesel genset can be used. A relatively low profile with an airdraught of 2.40m (mast folded) will make it possible to pass most bridges in the European inland waterways. The hull is optimised for minimum resistance and is outfitted with a twin propeller diesel-electric (hybrid) propulsion system. The composite hull is build from a sturdy laminate on a 40mm corecell foamcore. The foam core automatically serves as insulation which saves space the interior and time during construction.

Another very nice feature of this boat is the large amount of windows all around and in the roof. This creates a lot of daylight inside the ship and a beautiful panoramic view which makes it for a very pleasant stay onboard. Other features are a very smart underdeck fold-away anchor system at the bow and a spudpole which makes it very easy to temporarily hold your position in shallow waters and busy waterways.

Although this model is specifically developed as a low-resistance displacer hull, of course a high speed version is also possible. Aluminium as a building material for the hull would also be an option. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested and would like to discuss the options.


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