12m Aluminium Landing Craft

De Villiers and van Schaik Marine Design - 12m aluminium Landing Craft



This aluminium landing craft barge was built by Metal Designs Ltd in Auckland as a robust multi-purpose workvessel and is currently operating in the Bay of Islands. This vessel has been certified for commercial use (MNZ40A & 40C with operational area: Enclosed Limits) and can carry up to 5500kg of cargo with specific additional modifications. The standard stockplan design that we offer has a standard 3900kg cargo capacity for use in New Zealand (MNZ certification) and 4800kg cargo capacity for use in Australia (AMSA/NSCV). The difference comes from different rules that apply. Maritime New Zealand is currently revising the design requirements (2023-2024) and it looks like when they come into force the vessel may also standardly carry 4800kg in NZ.

With this design you can build a very robust and versatile workboat. We offer studyplans and a full stock plan with specifications and characteristics as shown below. To purchase studyplans follow the link at the bottom of the page for instant download of the files after payment. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries regarding customisation of the design to suit your needs. 

This stock plan design is a joint effort between Manta Marine Design (tradename of Van Schaik Marine Design LTD) and De Villiers Marine Design LTD, hence the logo showing 'De Villiers and Van Schaik Marine Design'



Length OA 14.00m
Length Hull 12.37m (excl ramp and engines)
Beam OA 3.62m
Draught max ~1.00m Outboards down
Length cargo deck 7.00m
Max deck pressure 2000kg/m2
Material Aluminium Marine Grade 5083
Power 2x150-300hp Outboard 30" length
Fuel Capacity 400 ltrs standard as an independent external tank
Speed full load ~ 8.5 kts
Speed no load up to max 30 kts (certified)
Cargo Capacity 3900-5500kg (depending on outfit, certification and conditions)
Features Multi Purpose Robust Workvessel
  Hydraulic Ramp
  Optional ramp extensions to reduce ramp inclination
Certification New Zealand Maritime New Zealand MNZ40C
  Enclosed Limits
  Standard Cargo capacity 3900kg (up to 5500 with modifications)
Certification Australia* NSCV - up to Class 1C or 2C Restricted*
  Standard Cargo Capacity 4800kg

 *) Certification and classification for commercial use is subject to applicable rules that varies for different countries, locations and operational areas. All data given on this page need to be considered 'preliminary' until we have spoken to your surveyor so we can properly assess compliance with local rules for your intended use.



STUDYPLANS (instant file download after payment) (Price is excluding GST and is only charged in New Zealand):


  • Studyplan General Arrangement
  • Studyplan Construction Plan
  • Studyplan Midship Section with Scantlings
  • Studyplan Stern Arrangement
  • Studyplan 3D View Bottom structure
  • Aluminium Bill of Materials Summary and weight summary
  • Aluminium Nesting Summary
FULL STOCKPLAN & BUILD KIT INFO: 12000 NZD - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.