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Manta Marine Design offers a wide variety of Marine Design Services for the leisure and commercial marine industry. Locally in New Zealand, but also worldwide. We can help you with completely new concepts all up to full work preparation information like build kits. We have been involved in many different projects from small boats to big vessels, leisure as well as commercial. This means that we have a broad basis of knowledge and experience that we can serve you with.

  • Sailing Yachts and Sailing vessels like Tall Ships and Sailing Cargo Vessels
  • Motor Yachts and Motor Vessels
  • Workboats
  • Barges
  • Special Purpose Craft
  • High Speed Vessels
  • Monohull design
  • Multihull design

Our services include a lot of marine design skills from developing concepts with 3D photorealistic visualizations, advanced calculations for Stability, Powering, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Structure including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), up to the full engineering of build kits. Besides complete designs, we also offer support services to colleagues and boat builders.

Naval Architecture Services


 Manta Marine Design CFD and Naval Architecture Calculations

'Naval Architecture' is a general name for a set of unique and specialised engineering skills used in marine design. We are trained and qualified naval architects. We are a member of the New Zealand Division of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA)

Some typical naval architecture disciplines that we offer:

  • Design of the hullshape (linesplan)
  • Resistance and propulsion - including resistance with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Scantling calculations (dimensioning structural parts) - Including FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Weight calculation
  • Hydrostatics and stability calculation (intact & damaged)
  • Calculation of Self Righting / Roll Over Capabilities
  • Calculation of Heeling due to using Cranes on vessels and barges - Checking maximum capacity of Crane lifting and reach
  • Tank arrangements and optimised loading conditions
  • Classification related issues and calculations (CE, Lloyds, BV, GL, MNZ, MOSS, Maritime New Zealand, etc)
  • Sailplans and rigging details (for sailing ships)
  • Conduction of stability tests (inclinating test)
  • Making of stability booklets 

Engineering & Build kit information

Building preparation, Engineering & Build Kits

When the design is (almost) ready, often is started with the building preparation. Part of that can be a full engineering package from the construction of the vessel. Included in the design normally a construction plan is included with some typical details. Shipyards used to build the ship from this plan and some additional information like a 1:1 scale frameplan. That meant that the shipyard had to do a lot of work on the lofting floor and figure out themselves how every structural part had to be made. These days modern and specialised software can be used to do a lot of that building preparation. Practically the vessel can be build completely in the digital world and in principle the exact dimensions of every part can be designed. Modern CAD/CAM systems using computer controlled routers, plasma, laser and even high pressure water cutters, can cut plywood, foam, aluminum and steel with an accuracy of a fraction of a millimeter. This could be done for temporary building frames or actually all the final parts to be used in the building proces. Guided with detailed assembly drawings the building kit can be assembled by the shipyard. This saves enormous amounts of time on the shopfloor. Also with these computer cut parts the shape of the vessel is very precise and it's much easier to make a fair hull. With a building kit even building your own boat as a private person is much less of a challenge.

Yard Standards & Custom Build Kits

Shipyards often have their own work and construction standards. These yard specific standards can perfectly be incorporated in the building kit. This way the craftsmen on the shopfloor don't get unpleasantly surprized by 'exotic' creations by the designer and the building proces will be smooth and easy. This saves of course a lot of time and money.

A building kit or cutting package can be used for building the hull of a ship but also to prefabricate the interior! There is a lot of different materials which can be used. Just to name a few:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • FRP
  • GRP
  • Composite Cored structures (Foamcore, woodcore)
  • Plywood
  • Solid wood

Every material has it's own requirements in processing but with every building method a building kit of some sort can be usefull. With composite and plywood boatbuilding many times building frames are used, espacially with 'one-offs' or custombuilds. These can easily be made from MDF (medium density fibreboard) which is stiff enough for the purpose and it is not expensive. For plywood, steel and aluminum boats a complete building kit can be provided which contains all the necessary parts to build the boat. On the right side of this page you can see some examples.

What do you get when you order a build kit?
Depending on what detailing level is requested by the client a building kit or cutting package can come with the following information:

  • 2D/3D detailed assembly drawings with dimensions
  • Shopfloor drawings with part identification, position and dimensioning
  • Shopfloor drawings with plate expansions and/or folded parts
  • Forming information (for example with a roundbilge hull)
  • Step by step building strategy plans
  • Building frame information
  • Plate Nests, optimized for efficient material usage
  • Profile reports, overview of used extrusion profiles with type, lengths and end-cuts
  • Part reports, overview of all cut parts with information like plate thickness and weights
  • Nest reports with specific information (e.g.amount of plates and remnant info)
  • Exact weight information and centre of gravity for building sections or in total
  • 1:1 scale frameplan plotted on MDF or on Mylar (foil)

Bouwpakket AluminiumBouwpakket StaalBouwpakket Hechthouten scheepje met MDF bouwmallenComposiet (Foamcore) romp met MDF bouwmallenVoorbeeld Bouwpakket Samenstellingstekening met onderdeel identificatieBouwpakket 3D ConstructieVoorbeeld Plaatnesting

Visualisation - Animation - Virtual Reality

Manta Marine Design can visualise your ideas, sketches or CAD drawings. The purpose is to give you a better insight and feel for the design and can be very helpful in different phases or stages of a project. Visualisations or visuals can be used for creating first concepts, assistance during construction, for sales purposes, comparing different varieties of a design (interior and exterior) or can even be interactive in the form of a virtual reality (VR) model.

Different kinds of visualizations can be made for different phases or details for your project.

  • Conceptual renders
  • Photorealistic renders
  • Basic animations - see example
  • 3D Models that can be rotated and viewed by the client in an online environment - see example
  • Virtual Reality model with walk-through or fly-through option

MantaMarineDesign visualization 01MantaMarineDesign visualization 2MantaMarineDesign visualization 3MantaMarineDesign visualization 04MantaMarineDesign visualization 05MantaMarineDesign visualization 06MantaMarineDesign visualization 07MantaMarineDesign visualization 08

Feel free to contact us if you think Manta Marine Design can help you with visualisations.

Project Support & Consultancy

Manta Marine Design offers services for partial assignments or as project support. Our services are for example naval architecture related consults/calculations or assisting CAD work for 3D modeling, detail engineering and/or build kit development.

Manta Marine Design offers customised work with the highest quality and we are used to work as part of a team.






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About Manta Marine Design | Van Schaik Marine Design Ltd


'Manta Marine Design' is a trading name of 'Van Schaik Marine Design Ltd'. Pepijn van Schaik (B.Eng Naval Architecture & AMRINA) is the founder of Manta Marine Design. A design and engineering studio offering its services to the yachtbuilding and shipbuilding industry. We offer a wide variety of designs and services based on 20+ years of experience in practically all disciplines of naval architecture and marine design. Pepijn holds a Bachelor Degree in Naval Architecture and is currently an associate member of RINA. Pepijn has a close connection with boats and the ocean since childhood and has been sailing on all kinds of different boats since, from as little as Optimists to large Tallships.


A bit of history

Pepijn grew up in the Netherlands and got his connection with boats from an early age. His parents owned a Tjalk, which is a Dutch traditional sailing barge, and spend many weekends and holidays exploring the waters in and around the Netherlands for many years. This was very much an inspiration to study for a degree in Naval Architecture. In the late 90's, part of that study was a shopfloor apprenticeship at Mekon Shipyard (Currently named De Sluis Jachtbouw), building steel and aluminium yacht hulls. He decided to stay and work at the shipyard for several years after the apprenticeship as he was really enjoying the practical work. The experience gained on the shopfloor proved to be extremely valuable up to this day.

Pepijn started working at Vripack Naval Architects in 2001 as a Structural Engineer and later as a Naval Architect and was part of the Vripack team for several years.

In 2004-2005 Pepijn made an extended overseas experience trip to New Zealand and Australia, traveling and working. Part of the trip was spent working at Sensation Yachts in Auckland.

After coming back to the Netherlands soon he started his first business 'Triple Marine' with a former colleague in 2006. After some busy years Pepijn got involved in the tallship world and made some sailing trips on the Tallship Bark Europa. Alongside the regular marine design work, Pepijn started studying at the Enhuizen Nautical College getting his 'Certificate of Knowledge' (KZV) and did several trips on the Bark Europa as part of the permanent crew, sailing around the Atlantic Ocean, including 2 expeditions to Antarctica. Pepijn then met the love of his life at a shipyard in Cape Town during a maintenance period of the Bark Europa. In the years to follow, having his own business as a Naval Architect, being a Sailor and starting a family at the same time, proved quite challenging. Pepijn founded his current business 'Manta Marine Design' in 2009 and is working fulltime since in Marine Design and Naval Architecture.

In 2016 an opportunity rose to do some interesting projects in collaboration with David de Villiers, a Marine Designer in New Zealand. Pepijn emigrated with his family to New Zealand and is currently settled in the Bay of Islands.

This colorful history is very much reflected in the work and services that Manta Marine Design offers. 'Out of the box' thinking and the willingness to explore beyond the horizon has created a very diverse portfolio. The wonders of the internet makes it possible to not be bound by geographical locations and as such Manta Marine Design is able to offer its services worldwide.

Feel free to explore the projects shown on this website and please don't hesitate to contact us and have a chat if you think Manta Marine Design can be a good match for your project! Thank you.



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Design Fees, Stock Plans & Royalties

Designer Hourly Fee:

Starting from NZD135 / hour (excl. GST)


Costs of Custom Plans:

For a vessel around 12mtr / 40ft; depending on the scope of the required documentation, approximately 5-8% of the cost of a professionally built vessel. For smaller boats it will likely be a higher percentage and for larger boats it may be a smaller percentage.


Studyplans, Full Design Plans and Stockplans:

Studyplans are meant to give you a good idea of what the design has to offer. The studyplan information should enable a professional builder to make an initial build cost estimate. The Full Design Plans will offer all available details and would be required for accurate cost pricing. For some designs we offer the Full Design Plans as a ‘Stockplan’, which means the design is ‘as-is’ and without any customisation. We can offer customisation of a stockplan design if it does not fully offer you the characteristics that you require. Customisation will be charged addtionally to the stockplan price. If a stockplan of a particular design is available, it will show at the bottom of the page of that design. When you buy the Full Design Plans after having purchased the Studyplans, the studyplan costs will be deducted from the price of the full plans.


About our Design Plans and the way we make information available to our clients:

  • All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). Orders within New Zealand are subject to GST of 15%.
  • Plan prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Purchasing Full Design Plans will allow the construction of 1 (one) vessel only, unless specifically agreed otherwise. Construction of additional vessels of the same design (or derivative), are subject to a royalty payment equal to the full plan price, for each constructed vessel.
  • Exclusive and series building license rights of a design can be arranged for certain regions or countries. This will be more expensive and conditions will apply regarding a required amount of boats to be produced within a certain timeframe. Contact us if you are interested in such an arrangement.
  • Stock plans are provided on an ‘as-is’ basis – Changes and customisation will be quoted separately.
  • For our stockplans generally we have CNC cutfile information available, which we typically communicate directly with cutting companies (we can help you find one if you need). Clients can then acquire the actual materials directly from the cutting company. For regular returning clients we are willing to look in different arrangements.
  • The typical format of plans that are supplied are digital files


What do you get when you order plan information from Manta Marine Design

Study Plans (basic information for getting initial quotations from builders):

Format: Digital (PDF/JPG), hardcopy on request only (printing and handling costs apply)
Typical included information:

  • General Arrangement
  • Interior Arrangement
  • Sail Plan
  • Deck Plan
  • Typical Construction Sections w/ estimated material quantities
  • 3D Renderings (if Available)

Full Design Plans / Stockplans:

Format: Digital (PDF/JPG) or hardcopy on request
Typical included information (varying with the type of vessel):

  • General Arrangement
  • Hull Lines Plan (2D/3D)
  • Sail and Rig Plan
  • Deck Arrangement Plan
  • Interior Arrangement (Plan and Inboard Profile)
  • Joinery Sections
  • Construction Plans 
  • Rudder Construction
  • Engine bed arrangement
  • Anchor and mooring information
  • Welding Schedule
  • Miscellaneous Details
  • Intact and Damage stability Calculations
  • Preliminary Stability Booklet
  • CNC build kit information with assemblies, BOM (Bill of Materials) and nesting



We are proud members of the New Zealand Division of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) and as such we are to uphold the dignity and reputation of the Institution, our profession and to safeguard the public interest in matters of safety and health and otherwise. It's our professional and moral duty to follow the obligations as defined in the Code of Professional Conduct of RINA.

To safeguard the quality of our work we can only accept an engagement of our Clients on the Standard Conditions and Recognised Customs of the Marine Design Profession in New Zealand. These can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.


RINA Standard Conditions 2016

Download the Standard Conditions and Recognised Customs of the Marine Design Profession in New Zealand