MMD147 Sailplan



Length OA 12.60 m
Length WL 9.99 m
Beam 3.75 m
Draught hull 1.70 m
Sail area - up wind 93 m2
Displacement 14 t
Material Steel or Aluminium
Engine Power 65hp diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 400 Ltr
Water Tank Capacity 600 Ltr
Holding Tank Capacity 200 Ltr
CE-category A (Ocean)
Highlighted Aspects Canoe Stern
  Roundbilge with S-shaped Keel
  Sternhung Rudder


NOORSE JOL - 38ft Double Ender

One of the true classic sailing yachts based on the Norwegian rescue boats designed by Colin Archer.

Comfortable long range ocean cruiser.

Standarly outfitted with a cruiser cutter rig. All sailhandling can be done from the cockpit.


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