Sailing Cargo Vessel - Schoonerbrig 'Tres Hombres'

Conversie van een Kriegsfischkutter (Duits marine vaartuig WOII) naar een zeilend vrachtschip
Conversion of a KFK (WWII German navy vessel) to a merchant sailing vessel



Dimensions & Specifications
Length oa: 32.00 m
Length wl: - m
Beam: 6.35 m
Draught: 3.00 m
Displacement: 126 t
Motor: 0 pk
Sail Area: 315 m2
Material hull: Composite - steel/wood
Specifications: Sailing Cargo vessel

Sailing Cargo Vessel 'Tres Hombres'

The Tres Hombres is originally a KFK (Kriegsfischkutter) from the German Navy in WWII. Build at the Burmeister shipyard in Swinemunde, Germany as KFK368 'Seeadler' in 1943. Hundreds of these ships were build at the time at shipyards around Europe for the German navy.


In 2008 this vessel was converted to a sailing cargoship by Fairtransport based in Den Helder, the Netherlands. Manta Marine Design advised on modification of the construction, class requirements and Naval Architecture.

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A BASIC SET OF DRAWINGS of the TRES HOMBRES can be purchased (can be used to build a scale model for example)

- General Arrangement drawing, scale 1:50 (1x A1 papersize)

- Lines drawing from the Tres Hombres, scale 1:50 (1x A1 papersize)

- Sail plan, scale 1:50 (1x A1 papersize)

- Pinrail diagram (1x A3 size)


These drawings will be printed and send to you in a roll after payment of the costs. Sending costs will be based on the destination. Further should be mentioned that these plans are not sufficient to build the actual ship. If you would be interested in that, please contact us. These drawings are 'as is' and are only meant for private use. It's not allowed to use this infomation for reselling purposes or other commercial activities. All copyrights stay with Manta Marine Design.

costs: 50euros

excluding btw/vat and excluding sending costs

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